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We are a young and dynamically growing law firm. We are successful, but we do not forget about those who need help. Our law firm has been engaged in several pro publico bono activities for years. We constantly support various charity campaigns, especially those aimed at supporting children and youth.

The Victoria Jankowska Foundation was established in November 2015 in honour of the tragically deceased harpist. The aim of the foundation is to preserve the memory of the artist by supporting all artistic initiatives of the young generation. Our law firm supports the foundation by providing it with free legal assistance.

The Grow up with Us Foundation was established in 2010. The main objective of the organisation is to help the children of public service officers killed or injured on duty by providing psychological assistance and education as well as by financing schools, studies and extracurricular activities. KKZ supports the statutory activities of the foundation by providing free legal assistance to its wards.

Noble Gift to ogólnopolski projekt społeczny, którego głównym celem jest materialna i mentalna pomoc rodzinom i osobom znajdującym się w trudnej sytuacji życiowej. Pracownicy i współpracownicy KKZ, pod przewodnictwem mec. Joanny Czekaj, co roku zbierają dary i fundusze na wsparcie wybranej rodziny.

Zabiegaj o zdrowie is a local initiative of Warsaw secondary school students carried out as part of the „Zwolnieni z teorii” competition. The aim of this undertaking was to organize a charity run during which funds were raised to support the Foundation for Children “Help on Time”. Kopeć Zaborowski Law Firm supported the organization of the run from the legal side.

Company Rice is a charitable relay race created for employees of companies throughout Poland. The idea of the race is to publicize physical activity among company employees and help those that are most in need. Each year, part of the funds raised during the event is used to support one or more sick children. The race has taken place periodically since 2013 in Warsaw or Wrocław. The KKZ team has been participating in it for several years now.

The “Top500 Innovators” Association has been operational since 2013. It was established on the initiative of the graduates of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Top 500 Innovators Programme. It aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for cooperation between representatives of scientific communities and representatives of technology transfer centres in Poland. The association’s activities include the promotion of innovative attitudes, academic entrepreneurship, promotion of the idea of cooperation between science and business and commercialization of research. KKZ supports the organisation’s statutory activities through free legal advice.

The Lawyers` Noble Gift is specialist assistance provided by lawyers – volunteers for families that are experiencing legal issues and need expert help. Our lawyers from the Department of Law for Business, with great involvement of the head of the department, mecenas Joanna Czekaj, among others, provided long-term legal assistance to one of the families by negotiating the terms of repayment of liabilities to creditors and thus enabling the family to return to normal without debts.

Associate „Wspólnymi Siłami” for lone mothers provides shelter to mothers with children, victims of domestic violence who are in a difficult financial situation. Our Employees and Co-workers collected money and gifts several times, and with the collected funds they bought household cleaning and food products needed for the organization of Christmas in the shelter.

Tato.net program was launched in 2004 as a part of the Cyril and Methodius Foundation. Currently, Tato.net is a national initiative that inspires men to approach fatherhood as a passion. It’s mission is to help shape mindful and responsible fatherhood among modern men, both individually and socially. KKZ supports the statutory activity of the organization by providing gratuitous legal service.

In addition, we engage in free legal assistance for private individuals who cannot afford to cover the costs of legal services. Although we do not charge a fee for these matters, we always provide comprehensive and fully professional service. During our activity we have helped more than 50 such people.

We believe that by supporting numerous charitable activities we contribute to spreading what is good. Our lawyers also provide legal support on their own to many individuals and initiatives.

Mecenas Maciej Zaborowski

The Managing Partner of KKZ has been involved in pro bono activities from an early age. For more than 10 years he has also been associated with the Responsible Citizenship Foundation, Fundacja Odpowiedzialność Obywatelska, where he served as, among others, President of the Board, and is currently Chairman of the Founders’ Council. In 2007, the Responsible Citizenship Foundation won the first place for the best civic initiative in the Culture and National Heritage category, for “The Youth Remember” action, in the prestigious Pro Publico Bono competition. Awarded twice for his social activities: for the first time in March 2011 by the Presidium of the District Bar Council in Warsaw and again in February 2019, when he was awarded the Medal of the Centenary of Regained Independence by President of the Republic of Poland for his social and professional activities, in particular for pro bono activities and for educating young people

Mecenas Marta Kopeć

The KKZ Managing Partner is committed to providing legal and psychological assistance to young athletes from the Be4Sport Foundation to improve their skills and talents. For years, she has also been representing young football players in their disputes with clubs before the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the Polish Football Association (PZPN).

Mecenas Joanna Czekaj

Advocate, for years involved in numerous social and student initiatives. Between 2008 and 2010 she was a member of the Legal Clinic of the University of Warsaw. Arbiter of the MOOT competition at the University of Warsaw. Initiator and coordinator of numerous charity activities at KKZ, among others The Lawyers’ Noble Gift and support for the Lone Mothers’ Home in Białołęka.

Mecenas Hubert Kubik

Advocate, since 2003 involved in the activities of the Responsible Citizens Foundation, between 2007 and 2011 he was president of the Foundation, coordinating such projects as Thursday Discussions and “The Youth Remember” action, and is currently a member of the Founders’ Council. Originator of the Association of Students and Alumni of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. Currently, as a father of three daughters, he supports and is involved in the Tato.net Initiative projects.

Mecenas Marcin Jaklewicz

Advocate, as a volunteer of the Social Welfare Centre of Targówek District in Warsaw, since 2017 he has been providing legal assistance to senior citizens under the care of the centre.

Mecenas Edgar Rogielewicz

Advocate, as part of the campaign of the Supreme Bar Council, “Day of Free Legal Advice” and “Week of Assistance to the Victims of Crimes”, he has so far offered legal advice more than 100 times.

Mateusz Omelan

A trainee advocate, he actively participates in the charity activities of the District Bar Council in Warsaw. Every year, before Christmas and Easter, he delivers packages to retired lawyers. Participant of the collection for Poles living in the Borderlands, organized by the Oder-Neman Association. A regular, honorary blood donor.

Aleksandra Sławińska

A trainee advocate, serves as Vice President of the Management Board of the Institute of Public Initiatives Foundation, where she implements legal education projects for young people, including the “Law Leaders’ Laboratory” initiative.

Jakub Majewski

Junior lawyer at KKZ, acts as a volunteer in the Court Watch Polska Foundation. On behalf of the foundation, he participates in court hearings as an observer and a person of trust for the parties. As a member of the Science Club of the Board and Administration of the University of Warsaw, he is committed to the activities of the university.

Jakub Podgajnik

Junior lawyer at KKZ, since 2018 he has been President of the Responsible Citizens Foundation. He organizes free training sessions for secondary school students on communication and negotiation as well as on the choice of the field of study. He is the founder and president of the Oxford Debate Club at the University of Warsaw. He organizes public debates and workshops as part of his university activities.

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